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    Mellain, a residential and business complex with medical rehabilitation centre, provides business partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad with a range of cooperation opportunities. Mellain is located in the Tuzla’s centre in terms of business, culture, justice, banking, administration, and education activities. It is landscaped with carefully arranged trees and greenery.

    We are presenting the Mellain complex, a construction project which went beyond the traditional limits of quality of doing business, quality of housing, excellence of medical treatments and hotel services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans.
    Architectural design provides a functional and attractive system of four wings connected into one, unique building.

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    - Wing (Lamela) A, residential wing,

    - Wing (Lamela) B, wellness, spa centre, fitness and Olympic pool,

    - Wing (Lamela) C, residential wing,

    - Wing (Lamela) D, a five-star hotel,

    Vertical organisation of the complex includes three underground parking floors.

    Ground level and a mezzanine are designed and constructed according to modern business and service needs. The ground floor includes business premises and a hypermarket, while the mezzanine is reserved for exclusive businesses demanding premium premises.

    Wings “A” and “C” are residential areas with 330 units, size 50 to 150 m².

    Wing “B” is reserved for a wellness centre and a polyclinic with a spa, offering space conveniently organised in different functional units, as well as rooms for physical therapy and salt spa treatments.

    Tuzla’s salt water has been recognised and appreciated for more than ten centuries, while the first medical analysis of this water was done in 1887, by a balneologist Ernest Ludwig from Vienna, who looked at its composition, and found that it resembles a rare salt water from Reinchenhall. The second analysis was done by Lehu from Belgrade, and in 1961, the Public Health Institute from Sarajevo conducted a detailed analysis. Tuzla salt water was also used back in the days of the Ottoman Turks and Austro-Hungarians, and according to some records, Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph was a patient of Slana banja (Salt Spa).

    The Uni Bristol Company is restoring centuries of tradition in salt water treatments, interrupted by the 1992 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    The polyclinic with the spa centre offers medical treatments for the following areas and conditions:

    1. Rheumatology (inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism, degenerative spinal conditions, soft-tissue and metabolic rheumatism),
    2. Neurology (painful syndromes),
    3. Gynaecology (primary and secondary sterility, adnexitis chronica, parapetritis, perisalpingitis chronica, dysmenorrhoea, pathological deviations of uterus, post-surgery pains due to adhesions),
    4. Otorhinolaryngology, (catarrhal chronic inflammations of upper respiratory system, pharyngitis, rhinitis and sinusitis),
    5. Illnesses, injuries and conditions after locomotor system surgeries,
    6. Respiratory diseases (upper airways),
    7. Hypothyreosis (iodine helps generate tyroxine),
    8. Arteriosclerosis.

    The modern spa is designed to offer a pool with the salt water for medical treatments, Olympic-size swimming pool, fitness and yoga rooms, gyms, sauna, massage centre, cafe restaurant, etc. health and recreational section of the Mellain complex will be equipped with the latest technology and medical equipment to provide the highest quality of medical treatments, rehabilitation and strengthening of health.

    The Hotel was designed to be one of the most prestigious hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an offer that makes a true contribution to the tourist offer of the region. The hotel offers 130 luxurious and spacious rooms and suits.

    Beside the usual conveniences, the offer includes swimming pools and saunas, fitness facilities, a night club, multi-purpose halls, and a restaurant with an amazing view. Hotel is also directly linked to the spa facilities and salt water pool, offering a full health tourism experience. The offer and the concept of this hotel are aiming to satisfy the needs of customers, both tourist and business.